Specialist Solutions

Waterseal For Wood
Waterseal for Wood paint stripper.com

High performance impregnating weather & water repellent treatment designed
to give maximum, invisible protection to new & untreated wood. Waterseal for Wood is non film forming, it will provide a watertight seal to extend the lifetime and aesthetic of the treated wood.

Algae Clean & Seal
Algae Clean & Seal paint stripper.com

A highly effective cleaner & sealer for all exterior porous surfaces - a single application, cleans the surface, requiring no agitation, proceeding to leave behind a durable, long lasting seal to prevent further contamination.

Photocatalytic Stone & Masonry Protector
Photocatalytic Stone & Masonry Protector paint stripper.com

Our invisible anti-pollution & anti-nox photocatlaytic sealer is ideal for all types of porous stone & masonry, it will give lasting protection & self cleaning properties whilst removing harmful pollution from the air through constant
catalytic reactions.

Graffiti Resist Coating
Graffiti Resist Coating paint stripper.com

A complete anti-graffiti coating that will allow graffiti, fly posters and stains to be jet washed away with water. Graffiti
Resist is highly effective & long lasting on a wide variety of surfaces including, concrete, masonry & untreated wood.

Our Ranges Are Suitable For All Areas:

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Here at Chemicals LTD we focus on developing and incorporating the latest technologies into our formulations. We can provide you with an ultimately bespoke service to fulfil your exact requirements.

Research and Development paint stripper.com

Research and Development

Our in-house research department will devise you a formulation from scratch to suit your specific target audience, performance and price bracket.

Design paint stripper.com


Once we have your product developed it is vital to devise a strong brand and appearance to reach your target audience. We can recommend our in house designers or work with your own design teams to achieve this.

Production and Distribution paint stripper.com

Production and Distribution

At Chemicals LTD we manufacture all our products, we will produce, pack and distribute to suit your exact requirements.

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How Can We Help?

Application Advice:

Our technical team has many years of experience of using Paramose, Enviromose and Dirt Defence technologies. We are here to give help and advice on how best to use our various grades of paint remover, stone sealer, colour enhancer, photocatalytic coating, graffiti remover, nanocoatings and cleaners across a wide range of industries.

Ask our tech team


We have a development team and in-house laboratory where new products are continuously formulated and tested. Our expertise is available to solve specific problems for your needs. Chemical solutions can be developed for toll manufacture, from a single product to an entire range. Products include paint remover, stone sealer, nano coating, stone protector, hard surface cleaner and graffiti remover.

Ask our chemists

Safety And Technical Request:

Our customer services team can supply MSDS and technical information on our complete product range on request - including paint remover, stone sealer, hard surface cleaner, paint stripper, graffiti remover, photocatalytic coating, patio and paving sealer, colour enhancer and toll manufacturing services.

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