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specialist products


We design and manufacture products to restore surfaces, maintain, protect and enrich them. We work with all materials ranging from concrete, wood, masonry and steel to tarmac, marble, sandstone, limestone, fabrics and glass.

We are a research led company, constantly testing new ways to formulate solutions around the needs of the customer, the requirements of the product and the feedback we receive.

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Algae Clean + Seal Asset
Algae Clean + Seal

cleans and protects in one application

Clean and Seal is a PRO-Grade mould and lichen and algae cleaner, specifically formulated to cleanse the surface of contamination and leave behind a durable seal.

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R010B1 Paint Remover Asset
R10B1 Paint Remover

extra + strength safer

Extra Strength, low odour, fast acting paint remover formulated using the latest technology. Removes paint, sealers and coatings safely without damaging the surface. Suitable for internal and external use.

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Roof Clear Asset
Roof Clear

extra strength moss remover

A professional grade algae, mould and lichen cleaner. This easy, ready to use formulation is for use on all roof surfaces including thatch, PVC, cladding and roof tiles. Simply spray and walk away. Leaves the surface bright, clean and free from contamination.

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Air Purification Sealer Asset
Photocatalytic Air Purification Sealer

photocatalytic technology

Our invisible anti-pollution & anti-nox photocatalytic sealer is ideal for all types of porous stone & masonry, it will give lasting protection & self cleaning properties whilst removing harmful pollution from the air through constant catalytic reactions.

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Black Limestone Sealer Asset
Black Limestone Sealer

enhances colour + protects the surface

Black Limestone Restorer is high performance, non film forming and durable. Black Limestone Restorer is a stain resistant, water repellent, colour enhancer which improves the overall visual appearance of the substrate giving an enhanced look.

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Waterseal for Wood Asset
Waterseal for Wood

an invisible, complete sealer

Waterseal for Wood is considered to be the ultimate protection against water and dirt ingress, prolonging the life of wooden substrates by up to 5x there usual life cycle. It is an invisible sealer that provides maximum protection to wooden substrates

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Enviromose Asset

The Enviromose range has been designed to remove almost any coating, water or oil-based, simply, safely and effectively.

Enviromose is the first no-compromise stripping agent that is kinder to the environment and safer for the end user.

Under this brand we specialise in effective cleaners, removers and sealers that do not compromise the environment around them. We aim to provide solutions that will restore, enhance and protect substrates, enabling them to outlast there current lifecycle.
Paramose Asset

The Paramose range of paint strippers and varnish removers are unique high-performance removers that are low odour, easy to use, safer and extra strong.

With 40 years of proven sales and positive feedback - Paramose is a highly effective paint remover with a unique low evaporation formula to ensure it penetrates into the substrate allowing highly effective removal of multi-layered paint and coatings.

Already used to strip over 36 million square metres
Dirt Defence Asset

Dirt Defence technology is one of the leading chemical solutions for protecting surfaces.

From masonry protection to marble sealers, Dirt Defence offers a highly developed range of sealers and protection agents that can be applied to many surfaces.

Our products do not discolour or harm surfaces, yet offer long lasting protection against the elements and pollutants. Our cleaning and sealing products are backed by continuous scientific research and development.

how can we help?

Contact us with any queries regarding datasheets, MSDS, product development, toll manufacturing and order placement.

Our expertise is available to solve specific problems for your needs. Chemical solutions can be developed for toll manufacture, from a single product to an entire range. Products include paint remover, stone sealer, stone protector, hard surface cleaner and graffiti remover.

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