R28-10 WATERSEAL for Wood Datasheet

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R28-10 WATERSEAL for Wood

Waterseal for Wood A high performance, penetrating, water repellent sealer for porous & untreated wood. Formulated using the latest technology to give outstanding results. Provides a hard wearing invisible, protective seal against water, oil, stains, efflorescence and much more on both horizontal and vertical surfaces


Waterseal for Wood is considered to be the ultimate protection against water and dirt ingress, prolonging the life of wooden substrates by up to 5x there usual life cycle.

It is suitable for use in all settings, around the home & DIY projects are made easy by this simple application, whilst industrial and larger areas can be treated allowing a heard wearing & easy to maintain seal.

Dirt Defence water wrap technology means that active ingredients work together to bond tightly to pores of the wood, creating a strong chain cross linked bonds to instantly repel water, it enables each droplet of water, to be the instantly pushed to the surface of the wood, preventing all forms of dirt and water ingress.

How To Use

Apply with a low pressure spray or brush from bottom to top on vertical surfaces, at a spread rate of 4-5m per litre. Ensure an even, wet coat to the point of saturation.

Apply an even wet on wet coat to the point of saturation, once the first coat starts to soak in, allowing for deeper penetration into the substrate. Do not allow the product to dry in between applications.

Avoid runs drips or puddling by removing excess product from the surface. Allow to cure for 2 hours - 24 hours before subjecting to heavy use on horizontal surfaces.


Remove surface contamination and ensure all algae and mould have been treated and removed prior application. Surface must be completely dry before application. Always test on a small hidden portion of the surface to be cleaned to check compatibility and performance before commencing with the whole area Do NOT apply to hot surfaces or in strong direct sunlight. DO NOT allow the product to dry in between applications. Not suitable for non porous substrates.

Precautions For Use

For Health & Safety instructions, first aid measures, spillages and disposal instructions, see separate Health & Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Cleaning Of Equipment

Remove as much excess product as possible and clean tools and equipment immediately after use with soapy water.


  • Provides a hard wearing, invisible, protective seal and primer.
  • Can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • No change to the texture or colour of the surface.
  • Allows substrate to breathe so moisture can escape.
  • Uva resistant.
  • For internal and external use.
  • Resists the growth of mould and algae.


Allow 2 hours. Fully dry after 24 hours. NB. Longer curing periods may be required when applied in cooler conditions.

Product Characteristics

OdourBarely Perceptible
Application TemperatureBetween 5c and 30c
Shelf Life24 months from date of manufacture in original unopened container
Specific Gravity @ 25c1.01


Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a dry place between 5c and 30c in the original container.

R28-10 WATERSEAL for Wood Datasheet From Paint Stripper.com