R372 SNOW FOAM Datasheet

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Snow Foam Our high performance Snow Foam removes dirt and grime with ease, it penetrates below the dirt, lifting it off of the paintwork in a gentle yet effective way.


Our high performance Snow Foam removes dirt and grime with ease, it penetrates below the dirt, lifting it off of the paintwork in a gentle yet effective way


This powerful and effective formulation will remove heavy contamination, lifting away grime with ease, from paintwork, wheels and exterior trims. This unique formulation allows it to be tough on dirt yet gentle with paintwork.

How To Use As A Snow Foam

  • Recommended dilution 100ml - 300ml of snow foam per 1 litre of water, dependant upon hardness of water and the level of dirt that has built up.
  • Adjust snow foam lance to increase or decrease foam, begin spraying the wheels and lower half of the vehicle, gradually progressing to the top of the vehicle, ensuring a thick coat across the whole of the exterior
  • Leave the foam to dwell for approx. 5 minuets, then rinse the product off thoroughly, beginning at the top of the vehicle, progressing to the bottom of the vehicle, ensuring that all product has been rinsed off
  • Dry the vehicle with a microfibre or chamois.

How To Use As A Shampoo

  • Recommended dilution 5 full caps of product per 4-5 litres of water
  • Submerge wash mit / sponge into the solution, ensure it is saturated with the solution, begin working form the top of the vehicle to the bottom, rinse wash mit in solution regularly, ensure contamination is fully removed, revisiting areas if necessary. Do not allow the solution to dry to the vehicle.
  • Thoroughly rinse with clean water ensuring no produce residue remains.
  • Dry the vehicle thoroughly with a microfibre or chamois.

Cleaning Of Equipment

Clean tools and equipment immediately after use with water. Always read safety instructions before use.

Keep away from shrubs, plants and grass


  • Always wear gloves when using the product.
  • Always test on a small hidden portion of the surface to be cleaner to check compatibility and performance before commencing with the whole area.
  • Use out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not apply to hot surfaces. Foam may be reduced if the paintwork is hot, wet or hard water is being used.

Precautions For Use

For Health & Safety instructions, first aid measures, spillages and disposal instructions, see separate Health & Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).


  • Concentrated formulation
  • Highly effective at removing dirt and grime
  • Suitable for paintwork, alloys and exterior trims
  • Will not remove wax or sealants
  • Remove heavy contamination with ease
  • Can be used as a shampoo
  • Ph balanced
  • Solvent free

Product Characteristics

Application TemperatureBetween 5c and 25c
Shelf Life24 Months from the date of manufacture in the original unopened container. Do not store below 5ยบ c. Keep out of the reach of children.
Specific Gravity @ 25c1.00
PHApprox. 7

R372 SNOW FOAM Datasheet From Paint Stripper.com