R267 Anti Graffiti Coating Datasheet

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R267 Anti Graffiti Coating

Anti Graffiti Coating A permanent anti-graffiti coating that can be easily & simply applied to concrete, brick, stone, render, wood & most metals to give maximum, long lasting protection.


Graffiti Resist will protect against spray paint, fly poster, contamination and weathering with ease, (no harsh chemicals or removers needed), contaminants can simply be wiped-away with water. No form of contamination will be able to bond to the treated substrate. This is a non-sacrificial coating. Once treated, the surface can be cleaned time and time again with just cold water - there is no need to re-apply the coating.

Precautions For Use

For Health & Safety instructions, first aid measures, spillages and disposal instructions, see separate Health & Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

How To Use

Read all technical data before use.

Ensure surface is clean, dry and dust free before application.

Apply using a brush or short pile/ gloss roller or airless sprayer ensuring an even coat. Avoid runs, drips and foaming - do not use a foam roller.

For more porous surfaces, apply a second coat immediately (maximum 30 minuets, once the first coat is dry)

For use on non-porous surfaces:

Apply one coat of Adhesion Promoter and allow to dry for 24 hours. See primer section.

Proceed to apply using the above application method.

Surface Preparation

Always test a small inconspicuous area before use to ensure surface compatibility, performance and finish/texture is acceptable.

Ensure surface is clean, free from any contaminants including dust, dirt, oil, grease, algae and efflorescence. Any previous coatings MUST be fully cured before application.

Ensure all detergents have been removed. Cleaners applied on hot days leave detergent films. These can cause uneven application. To remove previous graffiti use a suitable Graffiti Remover.

Perfect For Use On

  • Concrete & fa├žades,
  • Most metal including signs & cladding, painted surfaces such as utility boxes & render,
  • Masonry such as brick and stone,
  • Interior and exterior marble


  • Graffiti, fly posters & dirt simply cannot stick to the surface.
  • New ground breaking technology enables extremely low dirt pickup on treated surfaces.
  • Clear finish.
  • Contamination & graffiti can be jet washed or wiped-away with water.
  • Simple, fast curing application, resistance begins with hours.
  • Special additives allow the graffiti resist coating to be overcoatable with itself.
  • The coating can also be used to protect existing graffiti, art and murals

Product Characteristics

OdourSlightly Solvent
UV StabilityHigh UV Resistance
Application TemperatureBetween 5c and 38c
Shelf Life24 months from date of manufacture in original unopened container
Drying Time4 hours depending on conditions
Coverage150/250 g/m2

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