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Product Information

Product Code: R112

Chemicals Ltd

Paint stripper .com

Water washable tank stripper, this can be used with the Paramose Stripping Machine for the easiest removal of paint and varnish, used by trade strippers with great success

Ts5 Tank Stripper

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Very low evaporating stripper used for removal of paint to achieve a true Class 0 substrate – also used for removal of paint, artex and textured paint containing asbestos
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Enviromose Pro

Already used to strip over 2 million m² safely by large contractors, painters & decorators, furniture restoration companies, flooring & decking contractors and artex removal specialists
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Water washable tank stripper used in conjunction with the Paramose Flo-Through machine with its specialist formulation, for the fast and cost effective removal of most twin pack and lacquered finishes
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